Uncle Max

unclemax_poster06Uncle Max has passed away. His nephew Billy, along with his wife Michelle, his sister Janice, and brother-in-law Steve, are traveling from Arizona to Nebraska for the funeral – in an old, 1976 Lincoln – when they break down in Albuquerque. It’s going to take three days to get the part they need – but the funeral is in two. There is of course, just a little bit more to the story. “It is the ‘Land of Enchantment’, you know – that’s pretty cool!” 😉

Director Biography

Albert was born in Denver, Co on February 5, 1957. He was raised on a farm outside of LaSalle, a small town 50 miles north of Denver, graduating from Valley High School, Gilcrest Co in 1975. At age 27 he left the farm, moving to Denver for a year, then on to Phoenix, AZ for less than a year, and finally making his way to Albuquerque, NM in 1986. He has done many different things in the ‘Land of Enchantment’, including practicing and teaching massage therapy, working as a residential teacher with adults with developmental disabilities, and as a woodworker – building rustic furniture out of recycled wood. Along the way, Albert also got the ‘acting bug’ – taking his first acting class in 1992. He is now an actor, writer, director and producer. ‘It Don’t Mean Nothing’ was Albert’s first endeavor as a screen writer, director and producer. ‘Uncle Max’ is his second. Albert also enjoys helping fellow aspiring actors and film makers work on their own independent film projects, and does so whenever time allows.

Director Statement

Well here we are! My second time out – my second script, and second time directing/producing my own film project. My first film was “It Don’t Mean Nothing’, which had a nice little run in the film festival circuit (5 festivals), even winning the 2014 ‘Audience Choice Award’ at the Intendence Film Festival in Denver, CO. That was my first time out – and I will admit I was a little naive about what it takes to produce your own film project. But everything I learned from that experience, I applied to “Uncle Max” – which definitely made everything run a bit smoother. As with my first project, I was once again blessed with an incredible cast and crew – which made my job as a director a whole lot easier! My DP, Ryan Turri, was awesome! This was also my second time directing myself, which has it’s own challenges, but again, much easier second time around. My love and interest in writing, directing, and producing my own projects has spurred me to learn more about ‘filmmaking’ in general, so I am currently going through the film program at the Central New Mexico Community College. I am excited to be learning about ‘editing’ and ‘sound design’! With the help of some of my classmates, I just shot my third film, a 5 page short called “The Backroom’, which I will be editing myself for my class final. We’ll see how that turns out! I’m very excited for the future!! 😉

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