The Real Truth Behind the Real True Story: Donnie Miller

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Professional charades champion Donnie Miller was at the top of the mountain in the World Charades Federation. He suffered a downfall that retired him from the sport and cast him into obscurity. ‘The Real Truth Behind The Real True Story’ examines what happened to the charades legend and tries to uncover the mystery behind his sudden downfall and disappearance.

Director: Mike Piccirillo

As a working film crew member, Mike broke into the business working on WES CRAVEN’S WISHMASTER the Oscar-winning film AMERICAN BEAUTY as well as DR. DOLITTLE, RUSH HOUR, and BOWFINGER. He then moved into the Art Department working on PRINCESS DIARIES, S.W.A.T., BLADES OF GLORY and many others. He also worked on various commercials, television and music videos. Mike continues to successfully work as a crew member on many high-profile film projects. In the past few years he’s worked on CLOVERFIELD, TRON: LEGACY, OBLIVION, SAVING MR. BANKS and the hit film JURASSIC WORLD. He is currently working on the King Kong prequel, KONG: SKULL ISLAND.

In 2008, Mike enrolled in UCLA Extension’s Film Directing Certificate program. In the Summer of 2010, APRIL was his final thesis project. He graduated from the Certificate Program “with distinction” for his outstanding GPA. APRIL went on to win “Best Spoof Film” at the Action-On-Film Film Festival in Pasadena, California in 2010. From there, APRIL went on to win back-to-back comedy awards at Mockfest AND Shockfest of Hollywood. It also received accolades for Best Cinematography at the 2011 Houston Comedy Film Festival. It also went on as an official selection in a number of film festivals throughout the world.

In 2011, Piccirillo co-wrote and co-directed STRAPPED, an adult comedy web-series that premiered online and at the 2012 Action-On-Film Film Festival in Monrovia, California as an Official Selection.

Piccirillo recently completed co-writing the feature-film SOUNDS LIKE ORANGE with Shannon Michael Wamser. He also completed the short film THE REAL TRUTH BEHIND THE REAL TRUE STORY: DONNIE MILLER. Written by himself and Katie Locke O’Brien, this short serves as a companion piece to SOUNDS LIKE ORANGE: THE FALL AND RISE OF DONNIE MILLER and is making its way through the film festival circuit.

A summary of Mike’s independent filmmaking experience includes…
• April – His first short film was honored at the very first festival in which it premiered winning BEST SPOOF FILM. From there it won BEST COMEDY honors at BOTH Mockfest of Hollywood and Shockfest of Hollywood Film Festivals. It also won BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY at the Houston Comedy Film Festival. Additionally, it was an OFFICIAL SELECTION at San Diego Comic-Con International Film Festival, ShoWest of Hollywood Film Festival, the Fangoria Film Festival and numerous others.
• Strapped – An adult-comedy web series co-created by himself, Barry Barclay and Tony Bloodworth. It was honored as an OFFICIAL SELECTION at the 2012 Action-On-Film International Film Festival.
• The Real Truth Behind The Real True Story: Donnie Miller – A mockumentary companion piece to SOUNDS LIKE ORANGE: THE FALL AND RISE OF DONNIE MILLER. This piece features collaboration by ALL of the members of Thunderclap Productions, LLC. It is currently making its way through the film festival circuit.

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