The Fine Game of Nil

finegameofnilWith a focus on character and conversation, The Fine Game of Nil depicts a short vignette in which two nihilistic men meet in an American diner to discuss their differing views on dealing with existence.

Director Biography

Driven by a passion of all things film and after receiving a full tuition scholarship to study film in Arizona, Jordan Wippell moved from Australia to the U.S.A in pursuit of his career as a filmmaker.

With short films that have screened in over 50 festivals around the world, Jordan has a deep love for music and an avid fascination with the dark side of existence. The 21 year old is interested in telling personal stories that delve into the psyche of the human condition.

Director Statement

“After escaping the naivety of my high school days and being exposed to the existential crisis that is 20’s cynicism. I find that my urge to tell stories that delve into the depth of human darkness more appealing than ever. Nothing scares me or interests me more than human beings. Their complexity and strangeness is ever inspiring to my art. The indecisive nature of us makes something infinitely fascinating about the grey areas and I want to explore every shade I can.

As cheerful as that sounds, it’s not to say I don’t have fun. When it comes to filmmaking, or any art really, I think one of the greatest things you can do is, bend, distort or break the “rules” that are supposedly set in place. I can’t count the amount of times I’ve been told not to do something a certain way or that what I am doing it is wrong. I’ve always gone with my instinct and for me filmmaking is freedom. If you can’t explore what you want to explore, then it’s pointless.

Filmmaking has been the driving force in my life for longer than I can remember and so far has defined who I am. Being a film buff has lead my to discovers some of my favourite filmmakers such as; Jim Jarmusch, Quentin Tarantino, Stanley Kubrick, P.T Anderson, Takashi Miike, Gasper Noe, Edgar Wright, Robert Rodriguez and the Coen Brothers. Just to name a few. These filmmakers have inspired me and I am proud to wear their influences on my sleeve.

I am forever grateful that I even get the chance to make films and considered myself extremely lucky that I live in an age where filmmaking is so accessible.

My main goal is to complete a feature film in the next 3-5 years. As for every project I make leading up to that moment, those are learning experiences that allow me to explore the form. With every film I make, I try to do something interesting and new. For those of you out there who find an appreciation or interest in my work, all I can say is that I am endlessly thankful.”

– Jordan Wippell (2015)finegameofnil

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