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Bethany Romance

Bethany Romance

STUDENT OUTREACH COORDINATOR Bethany is head of our Student Outreach Program from k-12 and up through college. She founded her company, Disenchanted Productions, on October 24, 2006. She specializes in creative editing and cinematography as well as musical scoring for film. The trailer for her world-renowned animation “Stitches” became a huge success when she was […]

Informational Links

Tuolumne County Film Commission – The Tuolumne County Film Commission Blog has some great articles and links about our local area. Disenchanted Productions™ – Annual ITSA Film Festival sponsor and local  film production company. The Otherlode – Annual ITSA Film Festival sponsor and local  Tuolumne County business. News of Record – Tuolumne County news-based business. The Greater Good – Join […]

2011 Winning Films & Filmmakers

2011 Winning Films & Filmmakers

        Awards were handed out to the following films: Outstanding Film – Stay With Me: Directed by Chad McCord (Los Angeles) Best Documentary – Randy Parsons, American Luthier: Directed by David Aldrich (Seattle) Best Animated Film – The Tooth Fairy Affair: Directed by Izabela Melamed (Bulgaria) Best Comedic Film – Key Change: […]

How Do I get Tickets?

Because of the generosity of our sponsors, our festival is FREE to the public this year for Saturday, November 12 through Sunday, November 13, 2016.

David Vassar presents "Generation on the Wind" TICKET PURCHASE.

Location is at the Historic Sonora Opera Hall in downtown Sonora, California.

Please let everyone know.


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