Steven Pettit Jr.

Steven Pettit Jr. Our filmmaker spotlight comes from Central Valley California. Steven Pettit Jr. has an interesting and fun background. We got to meet him in person for the first time at our 3rd Annual ITSA Film Festival but we saw him on screen in a music video during our 2nd Annual. 

ITSA: Have you always want to be a filmmaker? If you have, what inspired you to become one?

Steven: Yes I have always wanted to work as an actor and perhaps producing.

My Inspiration was seeing these amazing actors in movies become other people for 2 hours, so I thought that would be so much fun.


ITSA: At what age did you finally become one?

Steven: I got into acting in my mid 20’s when I lived in Idaho , The TV show “Amazing Grace” was looking for background actors so i applied and about 3 months later i got  A call to be an orderly in hospital scenes, and got to do 3 episodes, and got to meet Dan Lauria and Patty Duke who were the main stars.


ITSA: Whats the best and worst thing about being a filmmaker?

Steven: The best thing about working in the film making  world  is the people, such a diversity of talented and professional people who make  a fake world feel real , and take us on journeys we could never do in real life. The worst thing is not really working alot and right now not getting paid until that S.A.G.  job comes along to  become a member of the Guild and get studio  offers, but It is fun working with the  local independent film makers to bring their visions to life.


ITSA: Whats the estimated number of projects you have worked on?

Steven: I have done roughly  a TV show (Amazing Grace – 1995), 1 feature film (Long Dirt Road-2011),  1 Short film (Cinco De mayo 2012), and 2 music videos (Attack Of The Killer U.F.O.’s -2011) and (RMAR- be released in 2013)


ITSA: Whos is your favorite filmmaker?

Steven: Tough Question, favorite film maker? well I am a huge admirer of Quentin Tarantino, Steven Speilberg, Ridley Scott, and many others.


ITSA: What is your favorite movie?

Steven: That would have to be a toss up between “The Deer Hunter” &  “Alien”.


ITSA: How has your life changed from becoming a filmmaker?

Steven: I have met so many amazing people and seeing myself on you tube and the big screen is a life changer, you see  yourself in a completely different light..But my life really has not changed much, I am still the same person, I keep myself grounded and just focus on work and the next film project.


Steven’s advice for someone who wants to make it in the movie business:  “Try not to take everything so seriously and find great roles and people you enjoy working with, and most of all have fun doing it…Do not get discouraged, if your dream is to be a actor, writer, director, or whatever  part of the film making world you want to be in just do it, chase that dream so there is no regrets later in life.”


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