Soul Breaker

soul_breaker_awards_smlA strange tale of love, lust, deceit and karmic retribution. When Freddie Dale’s girlfriend sleeps with his house-mate, he is persuaded by his good friend Viz Verdi to unleash revenge through the manipulation of cosmic forces – Hindi dark magic that is Jadoo, on his unsuspecting housemate Ben with somewhat unusual repercussions. Freddie doesn’t expect any of the nonsense to work, but his friend Viz has other ideas as the two unwittingly bumble their way through a spell. An unusual set of events unfold that will change their perceptions of life, existence and the unknown forever…

‘When the need is desperate and the want impure, strange energies will flourish’

Director Biography

Judson has been writing for a number of years and directing since late 2012. The Moment was his first short film, a comedy drama. He has since directed a number of short films, including Psyche (distributed North America) and the Boston Maniac and (soon to start it’s festival run) (all viewable on IMDb) he is also co-writing a tv series and has been brought on to direct an indie feature film later this year. Judson has also been acting for twelve years.

Director Statement

Writing and directing is so addictive and what started as a past-time, has turned into something of an obsession. It is now something I must do and I no longer have a choice in – I simply must create! I’ve been writing screenplays for a few years, but Soul Breaker was the first of my writing/directing creations, followed next by The Boston Maniac. It’s been an interesting journey. I tend to write comedy, drama, thriller, horror and sci-fi.

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How Do I get Tickets?

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