restart_non_fun_nada_finalA woman is trapped in a temporal loop that she may not be able to break.

Director Biography

Media teacher in the Image and Sound School and of Cinematography and Lighting in the Faculty of Communication Sciences in the UDC Olga Osorio has an extensive career in which outstands her work in various media as a journalist and her artistic production mainly developed in the field of photography. In the audiovisual field has recently been the cinematographer of the spots “O viño que sabe a festa” twice nominated for Mestre Mateo galician national awards and producer and first assistant director in the short movie “3-1=0” directed by Juan Galiñanes and winner of several important national prizes as Mestre Mateo to the Best Short Film or “Carlos Saura” Award for the Best Short Film in Festival de Cine de Zaragoza. She is also the author of several books and research papers the most recent of them a study about the film “Solaris” (Andrei Tarkovsky) published in 2013 by Nau Llibres. reStart is her first short film as a director

Director Statement

I’m fascinated by science fiction stories and especially time travels and reflections on memory and our identification with the past. As anyone, when seeing myself in an old photography I’ve thought about the extent to which she was myself, so differents were her worries and life from mine today. The main character of my story, Andrea, has the chance to live this in the most extreme form. At last she tries to kill her memories, her own past, literally in this case. But memory remains, it is impossible to get rid of it.

The film was intended for the area in which it was shot, a vast unspoilt area of Costa da Morte, with a very visual approach where dialogue, minimized, are replaced by the voice over of the protagonist in the way of “La Jetée” by Chris Marker, one of my most immediate influences in this short, along with”The End of Eternity” by Asimov. Visually I have referred to Tarkovsky, Angelopoulos or Deakins from Skyfall in the cinematography and Chank-Woo, Bong Joon-Ho and Hey-Jun Lee in visual storytelling.

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