One on One

unnamedSATURDAY, SEGMENT 4 at 4 pm

Sarah, a runaway teenager in the city of Metropolis, encounters a persistent newspaper reporter named Clark Kent who won’t leave her alone until she agrees to an interview for his newspaper column. Ten questions — that’s all he asks. In their moments together, the fragments of her tragic life emerge, but her anger towards superheroes and Superman himself explodes in full force. If he is so great and so powerful, why is the world such a horrible place? Why doesn’t he do something about it?

Director: Biography

Jake Thomas is a graduate of Malone University and was involved in the Open Frame Film Festival for its first six years. His credits include the award-winning shorts “Blessed are the Peacemakers,” “Color Me Full,” and “Leaves.” Jake’s most recent award-winning short “One on One” screened during the 2014 South by Southwest Film Festival and has been hailed by Krypton Radio as “the best short form Superman film we’ve ever seen.” Jake has also written and produced the two-part documentary short “Homecoming” and assisted story development on the documentary features “Intrepid: The Zac Sunderland Story.” He currently works at Warner Bros.

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How Do I get Tickets?

Because of the generosity of our sponsors, our festival is FREE to the public this year for Saturday, November 12 through Sunday, November 13, 2016.

David Vassar presents "Generation on the Wind" TICKET PURCHASE.

Location is at the Historic Sonora Opera Hall in downtown Sonora, California.

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