2014 Guest Speaker – Machete Bang Bang


Machete Bang Bang – Bang Bang Productions

Elizabeth Brissenden, also known as Machete Bang Bang, was raised in Hope Valley, CA. More accurately, on the property of Sorensen’s Resort, which is run and owned by her folks John and Patty. Go visit, it’s magical. At eighteen she headed to New York City to study musical theater at AMDA and the New School University where she received a BFA in said major. After college she studied with John Strasberg, son of Lee Strasberg, who taught her to ‘revel in the messiness.’ A note she importantly constructs into her work to this day. The list goes like this: landed lead roles in off-Broadway shows (Closer, Saturn Returns), danced in regional theater productions (CATS!, Camelot) and got the itch in film after she landed the lead role in music videos and a handful of short films, all while trying to figure out which Sex in the City character she most resembled in the Big Apple (Definitely Miranda). In 2009 ElizabethMachete moved to Los Angeles where she has continued her acting/performing career, but also where she taught herself how to execute content. Owner of Bang Bang Productions she has created original pieces, but has also collaborated with some of the most talented people you may or may not have heard of. From short films, music videos, fashion look books, dance videos, pilots-ElizabethMachete has found a stride in the film making process that doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. If you don’t believe this mini-biography, just check her IMDB out. Or her Instagram. That’s probably more fun to look at. @machetebangbang

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