home_poster_2Abby, a time traveler, came to this world in search for a place to call it home. Alienated by the people surrounding her, she fights the urge to go back to her past.

Director Biography

Joshua Costea is a 14 years old, awards wining young director and actor from Vancouver Canada, known for “Lord of the Guys”, winner of 6 awards and 5 film festivals selection, and “The Battle”, winner of 3 awards and officially selected in 14 film festivals.

Joshua started acting at the age of 7, and since 2013, he has developed a passion for film-making. He created his own production company called JOReel Productions. On his projects he worked with talented young actors from Vancouver such as Alisha Newton of Heartland, Katelyn Mager of Percy Jackson The Sea of Monsters, Grayson Maxwell Gurnsey of The Gamer and Peter Bundic of The Planet of the Apes. He is currently in pre-production of his new film called “Lee’s Choice”, planning his first web series “Alone”, and co-writing the script for his first feature film, “The Road to Hope”.

Since 2013 Joshua has directed 5 films on his own and helped produced 5 more as part of the film-making program for kids called Young Moviemakers. His films got screened in over 30 film festivals in the past two years and received multiple nominations and awards. “The Dating Journal” got 3 nominations at Joey Awards in 2014 and 3 nominations at 36th Young Artist Awards in Hollywood. His film “The Battle” won Best in Show at Screen Test Jr. Film Festival, IL, won Kids Shortz Storytellers Award at Bonita Springs International Film Festival, FL, got nominations for Best Young Filmmaker at AOF International Film Festival, CA and Joey Awards in Vancouver, BC. His films went global being screened at Painted Birds Film Festival in Madrid, Spain, and wining Best Live Action Short at International Children’s Television Festival “Dytiatko” in Ukraine. His film “Albert” was nominated for Best Cinematography at St. Tropez International Film Festival in Nice, France, and got a nominations at Joey Awards, Young Artist Awards, and Honorable Mention at AOF International Film Festival. This year, “The Candy Girl” got one nomination at the 37th Young Artist Awards, and one nomination at 1st Young Entertainer Awards, Studio City CA.

At such an early age, Joshua achieved extraordinary success with his passion for film making, passion that continues to grow. Joshua’s intention is to produce more and better films. Joshua wants to inspire other kids that you can do anything you want if you put your mind into it. You can follow him on Twitter @JoshuaCostea and Facebook https://www.facebook.com/JoshuaCostea13/

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