2012 Fight for Water – Documentary Workshop

When an environmental ruling shut the water pumps to a region of the California Central Valley, a community of valley farmers and their farm workers stage a march across the California Central Valley in order to fight for their water… because to them, water is not only their means of survival, it is a chance of a better future, for them and their families.

You’ll have the opportunity to screen this feature length film as part of our workshop series and then discuss with filmmaker, Juan Carlos Osequera, about how he went about making it.

Juan Carlos Oseguera is a working professional who has won awards and recognitions in writing, producing and directing. As a student filmmaker, he won two “Student Producer” Awards and a “Student Screenplay” Award for a student film that was also nominated “Best Student Film”. He holds a film degree in Cinema Studies from San Francisco State University and has been a published film critic. Upon graduating from San Francisco State, he attended CSU Summer Arts, a Festival of the Arts Program, sponsored by the California State University, where he worked alongside industry professionals in Television, Theater and Digital Filmmaking. In 2005, under his production studio, Filmunition, he edited his first Television documentary, “Artist Take”, and specialized in providing professional video editing services for commercial projects. In 2009, he started work on his first feature length documentary, The Fight for Water: A Farm Worker Struggle, which he wrote, produced, edited and directed. He hopes to bring the film to the California Central Valley and have it shown in film festivals and other venues in 2012 and 2013.



Documentary Filmmaker Juan Carlos Oseguera

More about the film: 

When a filmmaker notices how the California Water Crisis has affected the farming community in which he lives in, he turns his cameras on and starts filming it.

Two California Central Valley farmers (George Delgado and Joe Del Bosque), who came from migrant farm workers and whose life’s dream had been of being a farmer, take him around their impacted lands to document how water restrictions and environmental regulations, since 1992, have threatened their way of life, their American dream and their community–to the point that, in order to protect an endangered fish species, an environmental ruling shut their water supply and they had to lay off thousands of migrant farm workers which, all together, devastated their farming community and hurt their local economy.

Because of that, they felt they needed to act!

On April 14, 2009, the filmmaker, who also came from a migrant farm working background, sets out to film a historical water march that takes farmers and farm workers, along with a coalition of Latinos (lead by Hollywood comedian turned activist Paul Rodriguez), across the heart of the California Central Valley, to demand that these environmental rulings, as imposed by the Endangered Species act of 1973, be overturned and that their water supply be turned back on…. because to them and their farm working community, water is not only their means of survival, it is a chance of a better future, for them and their families.



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