brokenThe story of a young lady who has suffered many things in her life that has causes her to become bitter and revengeful and someone has to pay!

Director Biography

Keith Allen Hayes was born and raised in Atlanta, GA to the parents of Nathaniel and Anita Henderson. He comes from a big family of 9 to where he’s the 3rd oldest. Keith’s career really started at home with picking and making fun of his sisters and brothers. Early on he knew he wanted to be on TV. As early as he could remember. He was always getting in trouble in school for being the class clown. He took all the timeouts from the teachers and those but whooping’s from his parents and turned it into something special. Year to date Mr. Hayes has been in 26 Feature Films and over 10 TV appearances with a couple of videos, Interviews, Plays, and print work under his belt. Movies like the Oscar winning “The Blind Side “with Sandra Bullock and “The Lost Valentine “with the legendary Betty White. You’ve also seen him on TV shows such as “The Monique Show “as one of her special guests. You can also catch him in the new Kirk Franklin video “Smile “and last but not least he has manage to become the new face on the box of “Crème of Nature “for the next 5 years. Keith also takes pride in the fact that he’s a Writer, Producer, and Director. Mr. Hayes is a proud family man with a wife (Mont ice) and 2 beautiful kids (Jackson & Laurian) that keep him pretty busy when the film and TV projects are not. For any and everybody who knows Keith knows that he’s very passionate about his work and craft and plans to make a difference in the WORLD with it one day. There is a saying the Keith says to himself on a daily basis…If you surround yourself with GREATNESS it can’t help to befall upon you. He thanks all of the people who support him…

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