DOWNLOAD SCHEDULE and PRINT on legal size paper (full-color)

ALL FILMS are screened at the Historic Sonora Opera Hall in downtown Sonora, CA

The following film schedule is subject to change with or without notice.

*Submission by filmmaker 18 years old and under


FRIDAY, November 13, 2015 

SEGMENT 1 / 6 pm

If You Love Your Children (Drama)

Theodora (Drama)

The Virus (Comedy)

Flight Fright (Comedy)

Luna* (REEL Scary)

April (Comedy)

Sleepless (Drama)

Death to Cupid (Comedy)



7:20 pm — 10:40 pm



Beyond Us

Little Red Riding Hood  (Music Video)

Mr. Dentonn

‘Til Death






Dystopia St.

Kurayami no Wa*

Scene 1 Take 5 

(NOTE: Reel Scary films are not in play order as of this date)


SATURDAY, November 14, 2015 

SEGMENT 1 / 10 am

Connections Film *

Luminosity* (Animation)

In Between (Animation)

Sun City (Animation)

All For A Reason (Documentary)

Static Run (Animation)

Power(less) (Animation)

Zoe* (Documentary)

Mothership Opera (Animation)

Eliot Trix (Animation)

Once Upon A Dream (Music Video)

Brother (Animation)

Eggplant (Animation)

Hollywood’s Heyday in the Hills (Documentary)

Lucky Day (Comedy)


SEGMENT 2 / 11:20 am

Is It Your Refrigerator (Comedy)

The Leaping Place (Animation)

Fearless  (Music Video)

Leonid in Space (Animation)

Wren: Soldiers (Music Video)

Sangria Lift (Drama)

Name (Drama)

El Basterdo (Music Video)

Moving On (Comedy)


SEGMENT 3 / 12:35 pm

A Walk through the Tenderloin (Documentary)

Hi-Score (Animation)

In The Blink (Drama)

Mermaids on Mars (Animation)

Max (Drama)

A Special Place (Drama)



7 Days in Syria by Producer/Director Robert Rippberger



SEGMENT 4 / 4:00 pm

Blind Date (Drama)

Ron Taylor: Dr. Baseball (Documentary)

Fanette (Comedy)

Promise Me (Drama)

The Devil’s Chain Gang (Music Video)

The Detectives of Noir Town (Animation)

One on One (Drama)


Filmmakers Reception / 5:20 pm

By invitation only. If filmmakers would like more than two lanyards, please contact us for $10 payment for add’l passes to gain access to Filmmaker’s Reception.


Guest Speakers Panel 1 / 6:45 pm


SEGMENT 5 / 7:30 pm

True Love (Drama)

Unwanted (Music Video)

Portfolio (Comedy)

Familiar Places (Drama)

Hotwire (Comedy)

Molly (Drama)


Guest Speakers Panel 2 / 9:00 pm


SEGMENT 6 / 9:45 pm

Crossroads (Drama)

Skin Deep (Drama)

The Real Truth Behind the Real True Story: Donnie Miller (Comedy)

Frontman (Drama)

MOO (Comedy)


SUNDAY, November 15, 2015

SEGMENT 1 / 10 am

Unfriended (Animation)

The Persecution of Falun Gong (Documentary)

Resting Places: A Ballet Film (Drama)

Tom in America (Drama)

5 Ways 2 Die (Comedy)

Damn Those Crows (Animation)

Tiny Power (Animation)

Silly Sheep* (Drama)

Off Track (Drama)

You Wouldn’t Expect (Drama)

That Was Easy (Comedy)


SEGMENT 2 / Noon 

mïus – Tomorrow (Music Video)

Connections Film *

Away (Music Video)

Pretty Dangerous (Documentary)

They Might Be Giants – Erase (Music Video)

The Driver (Drama)

Codey (Animation)

Will I Scatter Away? * (Drama)

One Hundred Thousand (Music Video)

At the Other End* (Drama)

Sutro Ruins (Drama)

Connections Film *

Taking a Beating* (Drama)

Stay (the morning light fades) (Music Video)

Cyclic (Drama)

Genevieve (Drama)

Covered (Comedy)


SEGMENT 3 / 1:50 pm

Switch Man (Animation)

Savage Ivy (Drama)

The Price (Animation)

Connections Film

Monster in a House (Drama)

We All Go the Same*  (Music Video)

Oh Crappy Day (Comedy)

Sugar Plum Fairy (Drama)

(UN)SEXY (Comedy)

Cosmic Kiosk (Comedy)

Stuckey, Private First Class (Drama)

Rough Ride (Comedy)


AWARDS / 4 pm

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