2014 Official Selections

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Official Selections by CATEGORY

(* = Award Nominee in category)



by Manuel Crosby

After a murder occurs in his quiet neighborhood, an unemployed man must find a way to protect his wife and unborn child from the mysterious killer, who remains at large and could strike again at any time.

*The Man Who Fed His Shadow
by Mario Garefo

A man intrudes into rich people’s dinners claiming that he can collect the food from their table and feed his shadow which, curiously enough, is a female figure.

Spirit of Negation
by Alexander Kuribayashi

In this Gothic Western set during the US Civil War, a boy tries to escape the eternal whirlwind of power and violence.

I’ve just had a dream

Irene is eight and she just woke up from a horrible dream.

Arrival of the Starling
by Abbey Abeynayake

Griffyn learns that her grandfather has secrets in his past. Her curiosity peeks when he passes without leaving many clues for her. Griffyn journeys through a labyrinth which feels more like a dream than modern day reality. This project is part of a trilogy and is currently a work in progress.

*Franky and The Ant
by Billy Hayes

Franky is a methodical, professional killer who believes that loyalty trumps all in this crime thriller ignited by betrayal and driven by vengeance.

*A Day with Death
by Oluseyi Amuwa

A cantankerous sixty-five-year-old woman has a few things to do before she goes and Death will just have to hold off. Along the way the two become unlikely companions.

*Carry On
by Yatao Li

During the brutal withdrawal of Japanese forces at the end of WWII, a Chinese father does whatever he can to save his family.

*Becoming Lucy
by Alexis Nichols

Confronted by probing questions from her biographer, an elderly Lucille Ball recalls the steps it took for her to realize the iconic television series I Love Lucy. From her early days as a model and radio personality to becoming the ‘first lady of television,’ Becoming Lucy reminds us that our greatest pain may lead us to our greatest success.
The trailer (should you choose to include it for promotion) can be found at:

Never-Ending Love
by Bill Chamberlain

The bitter sweet story of a man who finds love after surviving Vietnam and after being together for years, his wife dies.

by Wendel Smith

Kate’s long term relationship with her traditionalist boyfriend Tm has left her wanting more in life. A chance fantasy impels Kate to begin an affair with their shared roommate, the hedonistic and freewheeling Vivian, in hopes of discovering what, exactly, she wants. But is Kate ready for the answer?

by Neil Evans

A man hoping to propose to his girlfriend must endure a night of tributes to her ex-boyfriend.

by Zachary Rich

When faced with life’s difficult moments, the body must move on through tough transformations

Butterfly Dreams
by Venkat Krishnan

A young child laborer in India sees a way to pursue her dream to learn to read and write when an educated man comes to her village.

If You Love Your Children
by Sanjay Patel

Raj Camarta has it all, a great job, a beautiful wife, a comfortable home, but he is haunted by the loss of innocent people in a natural disaster fueled by climate change. He begins a crusade to educate the world and in so doing destroys his marriage, loses his home and his livelihood. Raj finds his commitment to be stronger than his desires and ultimately rises above his loses to realize his dream.

The Story of M
by Anna Arlanova

She smiles like Marilyn, she walks like Marilyn, she even dresses like Marilyn… A chance encounter at a second hand store – and the world of dreams is crushed by reality.

Leave Me Now
by Thomas Uher

A young teenager living a double life, has to learn how to step up to his strict father in order to be able to pursue his dream.

Color of War
by Thomas Uher

In 1930’s post depression era, Gerald, an owner of a run-down movie theater struggles with his fear of color as the only means of saving the theater is to screen a color film.

by Kieran Gosney

Flashbulb is a 10-minute drama about the power of memory in family relationships.

by Steven Petit



*Room 19
by Kimberley Browning

An innovative 3rd grade teacher in Redondo Beach, California, is changing the way her students are learning about the world, and themselves, through her innovative arts curriculum in the classroom.

Wildman Athletica
by Erin Brown

Wildman engages his clients with unique circus arts such as aerial silks, along with full-armored combat, clubbells, real machete duels, and tactical fitness.

Included are several of his clients: Troian Bellisario (PRETTY LITTLE LIARS), Christa B. Allen (REVENGE), Chanon Finley (MAD MEN), Babar Peerzada (LIONS FOR LAMBS), and director Erin Brown.

*Alegria – A Humanitarian Expedition
by Christoph von Toggenburg

Alegria – A Humanitarian Expedition tells the story of an epic solo expedition across the Himalaya that changed the life of hundreds of people in need and reached millions around the world. In 2010, Christoph von Toggenburg cycled alone 3200km along the world’s highest tracks pulling a 30kg trailer packed with survival gear in support of leprosy patients and mentally destitute women in India.

by Daniel Sarkissian

A documentary short about skateboarding culture and how it has helped to break down racial barriers/bridge the gap between different cultures.

Share Day
by Laura McQuay

A short documentary about ‘Show and Tell Day’ at Little Shepherd Children’s Center. We follow Ian, a four year old student, as he plays with and shares his special toy with the other children. We hear opinions and stories from the schools director and teachers about the educational benefits and the emotional ups and downs of Share Day.



*The Residential Home
by Jakub Stolecki

The residents of the residential home starts to disappear. One of them decides to take action and prepare escape plan. She starts to build tunnel that leads her through underground sews into desired freedom. Although the final question is remaining; will she get to the place where she desired to be?

by Hunter Hopewell

Born in a tornado, a boy lives his whole life plagued by a windstorm. He finds a mutually beneficial purpose when he meets a girl followed by a thunderstorm.

*The Oven
by Alex Creasia

When a young couple gets into a fight before a very important party, little do they know an outsider may be tuning into their conversation.

starring Anna Camp, Skylar Astin, and Chris Messina.
Directed by: James Gallagher
Written by: Becca Gleason
Produced by: Becca Gleason, Alex Creasia, Gerren Crochen, Andrew Swett

*Nobody’s Laughing
by Dave Moutray

A man finds the genuine side of life when he decides to live his life as a clown, just as his daughter is to be married and wants him to walk her down the aisle.

Somos Amigos (We Are Friends)
by Carlos Solano Pérez

What would you do if you had to fire your best friend? It is at this point where Julio (a young businessman of an apparently reliable firm) finds himself when he learns that Santi, along with twenty four other workers under his service, has to be fired. His boss and friend Max tries to advise him on how to handle the situation, but it soon becomes increasingly entangled.

by Kevin Machate

Lydia Walters was a beloved actress that died suddenly, leaving all of her ‘friends’ potentially implicated in her death. All she wanted was to trend on Twitter. Is that too much to ask?

by Yolanda Centeno

Zugzwang in German means obligation to move. Life and chess are not so different. There is a moment in life where you know you have to make a decision, but the best thing to do would be not to make any move. But… you must. We simply call this being screwed. In chess, they call it Zugzwang.



*Our RoboCop Remake – Scene 9
by David Codeglia

Part of Our RoboCop Remake, a crowd-sourced parody of the 1987 film by Paul Verhoven, Scene 9 involves the unveiling of OCP’s solution to eliminate crime in Old Detroit – the crime-fighting Enforcement Droid Series 209. But during a live demonstration, ED-209 experiences a fatal glitch and chaos ensues.

by Dale Driver

On the 234th day of their routine mission, John (Peter Brooke) and Isaak’s (Marcus McMahon) space vessel is suddenly thrown into jeopardy. Despite their broken friendship, they need to find a way to work together, or only one can survive.

*Kresnik: The Lore of Fire
by David Sipos

Peter and his cousins are spending their summer vacations with grandfather. They decide to spend the night camping outside, yet they don’t truly expect what kind of ordeals they are about to go through even before the morning sun rises.

by Ronald Eltanal

An aging scientist must decide whether to continue taking an experimental drug that reconnects him to loved ones in his crumbling past, at the risk of being unable to form new memories.

The Washing Machine
by Lorenzo Pomari

Billy is a broke young man covered with debts and living in a shabby apartment. One day he discovers a magical washing machine in an old laundry room that is capable of generating money.

Game Crazy
by Xiaoyu Liu

A crazy game player is celebrating his birthday by dreaming about playing games, but something unexpected happens at the end…

A Noble Quest
by John Gigrich

Two late bloomers take a break from reanimating a chipmunk brain, so they can go on a quest to find the Applebee’s waitress that came to them in a dream.


by Xiaoyu Liu

X-100, one of the “”X””s, is facing a crucial test determining his eligibility for being a qualified product…

*Two Ghosts
by Amy Lee Ketchum

Two Ghosts, is a haunting, wordless journey through love, loneliness, and, ultimately, acceptance of the Universe’s coldly beautiful indifference. The feelings it conjures up are at times uncomfortable and as complexly textured as the strange (and sometimes terrifying) hand-sewn felt and fiber landscapes it inhabits.

*The Dreamer
by Laurence Fortin Gagnon

A young dreamer quickly stands out with his curiosity and discovers an attraction for the moon that he dreams to reach.

Hoop Nightmares
by Josh Weisbrod

A basketball player on top of a mountain struggles to make a very important basket.

Black Hole Apocalypse
by Vyhnanek Matous

This short movie is a kind of homage to dry jokes and animations  of Terry Giliam.

*Plastic Glory
by Ihab Mardini

t’s just a game, and they are the toys…A journey into the life span of toy soldiers with an abstract reflection of reality.



American Hell
by Robert Milburn

A family’s worse fears are realized when their apartment is invaded in the middle of the night. While neither their lives nor their valuables are threatended, their would-be attackers provide a grim glimpse at how alone and helpless the family is when their entire hallway of neighbors did nothing to help them.

by Matthew Ragsdale

A cult of women who worship a female God get ambushed by a group of crazed vigilante fundamentalists.

by Morgana McKenzie

At age six, Jan was miraculously revived after her body was retrieved from the frozen river that consumed her parents. Now, after a lifetime of experiencing visions of others’ pain and suffering, thirteen year old Jan hopes to intervene on fate and prevent a murder.

Rabbit People
by Logan Evans

A quiet family of anthropomorphic rabbits pursue a frightened wanderer who interrupts their lovely brunch.

Trespassers Beware
by Steven Petit

by Dan Zampa

Directors On Directing
by Damien Patrik

Pompous film directors, dancing nuns, nudity and gore. Who could ask for anything more? 3 successful film makers explain the REAL secrets to success.



*On My Way by Loïc Guilpain

THE VIOLINIST by Suren Tadevosyan


*Garden’s Road by Olga Osorio, Juan Galiñanes & Olga Osorio

*Am I Awake? by Alex Italics

*All in my mind by Arthur Jeanroy



The Columbia Steps
by Jensen Davis

Getting in to college can be hell, but this movie finds the humor in it. Set in a college admissions office, two applicants discover a surprising competition awaits them.

by Tara-Nicole Azarian

Homelessness is a national crisis. If you were faced with adversity, what would you do to keep your family together?

The Root of Evil – Short
by Ryan Huang

A black-and-white silent film set in the turbulent 1930’s. With their fellow government agents forsaking law and order for unscrupulous enterprises, Boroshlav, Chanson, and Zoltan are left to seek out the source of treachery. Criminal mastermind Alfred Kensington watches from behind his shadowy curtain of betrayal and intrigue. Will Boroshlav and his remaining allies stem this outbreak of insidious corruption?

The Long Night
by Emma Eisner

In a sequence of startling images, this experimental stop motion animation threads through the intervals and spaces of ”The Long Night.”

The Gypsy girl 
by Taryn O’Connell

Smart Cookie 
by Whitney Stone

Time Signature 
by Claire Schermeister

The Ark of the Aliens 
by Igor Mavlyutov

A Girl With a View
by Alexia Salingaros

A Girl With a View is a short drama that follows the life of a young teenage girl, reflecting on the ways in which she interacts with our world despite her disability.

Finding Myself 
by Reed Holland

High Steaks 
by Niko Lillie

Chocolate Vampires 
by Autumn Lomas

To Judge A Thief
by Luke Lowder

After his death a thief faces his Judgment.

by Alexia Salingaros

A young girl is met with a choice; continue living in confinement, or leave home to discover what her special powers have to offer.

by Jennifer Smart

A girl finds herself in a predicament after realizing her friend is in danger of ending her own life, and an intense internal struggle ensues.

by Patrick Y. Lee

A convoluted sci-fi drama about the essence of life.


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