2012 Schedule of Events

The 2012 ITSA Film Festival is held at the Historic Sonora Opera Hall in downtown Sonora unless otherwise noted for Workshops.


Friday, November 2, 2012


6:30 – Hors d’oeuvres by Black Oak Casino and Wine by Hatcher Winery

7:00 – Live entertainment by Emily Kollars of Sacramento

7:20 – Short Films/47mins

Trailer Fight for Water

• Ray Bradbury’s Kaleidoscope

• Leader of the Pack (Directed by Ari Costa; Starring Steven Weber, Danny Pudi and Rachael Harris)

• Born Yesterday (Directed by Nathan Larkin-Connelly; Starring Larisa Oleynik, Heather Morris and Jonathan Lipniki)

8:10 – Special Guest Q&A with Director Ari Costa, Actor Brett Stimely, Director Nathan Larkin-Connelly, Actress/Director Jennifer Layne Park and Actress Larisa Oleynik

9 to11 – Emerging Cinematographer Award Films

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Animations 10am-10:45am

2m – Biscuit Cake by Alan Travers (Ireland)

5m – Bahvri by Sonia Gaud Tiwari

Mask by Ami Lomas (student)

3m – Childhood of a Circle* by François Grumelin-Sohn (Australia)

All the Right Parts by Kenzie Smith (student)*

2m – Create* by Dan MacKenzie

Out of the Freezer and Into the Fire – Renee Molin (student)

2m – No Noodles by Tyler Nicolson (Canada)

7m – The Maker* by Christopher & Christine Kezelos


Workshop 1 11am-Noon


Screenwriter and novelist Alexander Chow-Stuart talks about the influence of his favorite genre, film noir, on movies as varied as The Maltese Falcon and Casablanca to Blade Runner, Mulholland Drive and the Dark Knight trilogy.


Workshop 2 11am-Noon

MakING a Documentary – Kevin Fox (AT SONORA INN BANQUET ROOM)

Aimed at first time student filmmakers, This workshop is NOT a Lecture. An open discussion on filmmaking intended to dispel some myths about filmmaking and set you out on a path for a successful first documentary film. It’s a Fast & Furious, Down and Dirty, One Hour Crash Course of REAL LIFE Experience to encourage you to make your movie!


Segment 1 12:15pm-1:20pm

A Potion Called Love dir. by Jordan Norvell (student)

7m – Your Move dir. by Christina Parisi

11m – The 82 Peddler dir. by Derek Presley (sci fi)*

9m – A Broken Tear dir. by Krystle Houiess (Lebanon) (drama)*

Guitar Blues dir. by Sam St. John (student)

17m – Ray Bradbury’s Kaleidoscope dir. by Eric Tozzi (sci fi)*

14m – Bottle Caps dir. by Heather Donnell (drama)*


Workshop 3 1:40pm-3:30pm

Fight for Water (documentary) – Juan Carlos Oceguera (AT OPERA HALL)

On April 14, 2009, the filmmaker, who also came from a migrant farm working background, sets out to film a historical water march that takes farmers and farm workers, along with a coalition of Latinos (lead by Hollywood comedian turned activist Paul Rodriguez), across the heart of the California Central Valley, to demand that these environmental rulings, as imposed by the Endangered Species act of 1973, be overturned and that their water supply be turned back on…. because to them and their farm working community, water is not only their means of survival, it is a chance of a better future, for them and their families. Watch the full-length documentary and discuss afterwards.


Workshop 4 1:20pm-2:10pm

Landing the Role – Carollyn Devore (AT SONORA INN BANQUET ROOM)

Director of DeVore Talent & Casting (DeVore Studios), with offices in Hollywood and Fresno. She is famous for being a Top Hollywood Agent and a well-known actress, with more than 200 television credits, 20 feature films, 60 national TV commercials and she was a USO entertainer with Bob Hope and Johnny Grant in Vietnam (1968-1970). Carollyn has served as Press/Media Chairperson for the Youth in Film Awards Show (the Academy Award for children).

Workshop 5 2:20pm-3:30pm


• Building a base of material to test skills

• Not sacrificing quality for quantity

• Team Work: The true art of collaboration

• Crowdfunding, not as easy as it seems

• Knowing when it’s time to move outside the box


Segment 2 3:40pm-4:55pm

12m – A Date with an Angel dir. by Mark Millicent

Outside of the Fence dir. by Alisa Jacobs (student)*

14m – Frigid dir. by Jack Meggers

3m – The First Time dir. by Vincent Castellini

23m – Reclamation dir. by Dave Lehleitner (sci fi)*

13m – Feast of the Foolish dir. by Meg Pinsonneault

14m – Born Yesterday dir. by Nathan Larkin-Connelly (drama)*


Segment 3 5:25pm-6:35pm

8m – Din dir. by Taryn Lahey

15m – Loopholes dir. by Erin Granat

12m – Found dir. by Heather Donnell (drama)*

3m – Distance dir. by Sang Joon Kim (comedy)*

14m – Haulers dir. by Kevin Fox

The Wheel of Life dir. by Reed Holland (student)*

13m – Leader of the Pack dir. by Ari Costa (comedy)*


Segment 4 6:50pm-8pm

15m – The Weight dir. by Trevor Marcotte

7m – In Those We Trust dir. by Lindy Boustedt, Kris Boustedt (drama)*

14m – To the East of Town dir. by Nathan Crenshaw

14m – Tramonto dir. by Roberto Urbani (Italy)

17m – Shuffle dir. by Garrett Bennett (drama)*



Segment 1 8:30pm-10pm

9m – The Can-Cannibals Double Feature (Grindhouse Trailers) dir. by Matthew Ragsdale

122m – Preston Castle dir. by Martin Rosenberg


Segment 2 10:30pm-11:30pm

5m – Dark Times* dir. by Jared Marshall and Peter Horn

7m – Sybling Rivalry dir. by Tara-Nicole Azarian

10m – Undetected dir. by Kristen Anderson

7m – Shades of Grey With a Tint of Desperation* dir. by Colton Rhodes-Baskett

5m – Braineater dir. by Mitch Urban

Caminando Muerto dir. by Kierin Harrison & Joe (Student)

5m – He Dies At The End* dir. by Damian McCarthy (Ireland)


Sunday, November 4, 2012

Segment 1 11am-Noon

17m – A Warriors Story dir. by William Chamberlain

4m – Electroman Fears Nothing dir. by Jacob Beyer

12m – Tale of 2 Tables dir. by Nic Wilson (Australia)

Banana Dreams dir. by Gordon Loyd (student)

3m – Healing Artist dir. by Kaela Waldstein

Slenderman dir. by Natasha Mayo (student)

7m – Chess4Life dir. by Brendan Cherry (Australia)

10m – Peter Goes to Hell dir. by Danny Dunlop (Canada)


Segment 2 12:30pm-1:30pm

12m – On Second Thought dir. by Matthew Carr (comedy)*

19m – Transient dir. by Brent Turman

3m – Drunken Batman dir. by Ryan Dunigan

18m – Ragman dir. by Dale Ward

Broken Glass dir. by Brad Nash (student)*

9m – The Black Hearts dir. by Casey de Fremery

Music Videos Segment 3 2pm-2:50pm

3m – Girl Interrupted/LaZae dir. by Bethany Wilkinson

4m – A.D.I.D.A.S./Mahtie Bush dir. by Greg Iron

3m – Big Black Train dir. by Michael Goodell and Jeanne Jachetta Verplanck

3m – Asylum* dir. by Andrew Geraci

3m – Proud/Oscar Goldman dir. by Jasper Boyd

4m – Awkward*/Saucy Monkys dir. by David Codeglia

3m – LaZae

3m – Albury* dir. by Derek Wallace

4m – Lumerence* dir. by Miwa Matreyek





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